Sen. McCain Gave FBI Steele Dossier on Trump
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2894) one year ago
In his new book, The Restless Wave, Senator McCain writes:

"I agreed to receive a copy of what is now referred to as 'the dossier,' I reviewed its contents. The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which if any were true. I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done."

The Steele Dossier is a complicated story:

Senator McCain had good reasons to be concerned about Trump's Russia connections. The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on May 8, 2018, released its report: "Russian Targeting of Election Infrastructure During the 2016 Election: Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations"

The Report may be accessed at: