Streaming with Verizon Unlimited
Posted by Dane Corey (+77) 5 years ago
I have a question for those of you that have unlimited on Verizon. Obviously with having Mid-Rivers internet, streaming anything is out of the question. They are already giving away streaming devices, and dropping cable town by town to force people to pay per gig to stream anything.

I saw that with a hotspot, you can basically have unlimited 650k streaming. That would basically let me do netflix, hulu, and whatever else as much as I wanted. Do any of you have this plan?

I am specifically looking at the hotspot, as I don't need the 22G HD for streaming or whatever, and I don't want to have to use my phone or my ipad.

I really miss streaming video (you know, current technology) without having to triple my bill. I am not one of the sheep Mid-Rivers will scam.