Leighton Blvd tunnel under I-94
Posted by David Schott (+13083) 10 months ago
I was just reading a Seattle Times story about the Battery Street Tunnel. The tunnel is being replaced by a new tunnel (you might recall seeing news about the "Big Bertha" tunnel boring machine that bored the new tunnel) and so it is no longer needed.

There was debate about what to do with the old tunnel and last night the Seattle city council voted to fill it in with rubble from the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct (which is also rendered obsolete by the new tunnel).

Someone commented on the story saying:

"I've always wondered how the tire marks at the north end get 10' up on the sides?"

This made me think of the Leighton Blvd. tunnel that goes under I-94 on the way to the Miles City Landfill.

It used to be on the west (city-side) entrance to that tunnel, up high on the north wall you could see marks. I don't recall if there were obvious tire skid marks but I do recall a white "splash" mark.

I was told, I believe by John Masa, that at some point in time a vehicle was traveling at high speed eastbound on Leighton Blvd. As the vehicle approached the entrance to the tunnel it failed to negotiate the turn and basically launched off the embankment at the tunnel entrance. The vehicle struck the upper part of the wall and the ceiling to the tunnel. The white splash mark was caused by the car battery smashing and spraying battery acid onto the wall.

My guess is this accident happened sometime in the 1960s to early 1970s.

Does anyone recall the accident happening?