MT Land Board Sells Out Hunters
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2889) 10 months ago
"Any Montana hunter who voted for Matt Rosendale, Corey Stapleton or Elsie Arntzen needs to get their head checked. These three are like most every politician — they claim to support hunters and access. Words are flimsy, the facts speak otherwise.

Recently these three statewide elected officials — who sit on the state Land Board — voted against a conservation easement in eastern Montana that would have opened up 15,000 acres of prime mule deer country to public hunting forever. The project was paid for with hunter dollars from Habitat Montana and had broad support from hunting groups and the family who owns the ranch.

But the dynamic trio saw otherwise. In bumbling phrases, they criticized Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the landowners — pretty much anyone who didn’t see it their way on the right of a landowner to protect their land and open it up to public hunting. They claimed that it could hinder the right of the mineral rights owner — who sold the ranching family the land — to develop those minerals, even though it’s clear in law that it can’t.

Make no mistake — public hunting is over if these three have their way. Next election, these three will claim to be big supporters of “public access.” Come to think of it, Rosendale is running for U.S. Senate, and he’ll tout to be a supporter of access too.

Don’t fall for it. Get these three out of office, before they destroy Montana’s hunting opportunities with their agenda to bow to extremists who don’t like conservation, or our public hunting traditions."

Josh Pulver
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Posted by The man from snowy plains (-243) 10 months ago
Once again MCD, your out of your depth. For a land owner a conservation easement is more a financial tool for tax relief, and sub division. I DON'T KNOW where you have been the last 40 years. Hunting is a rich man's sport.
It's pretty obvious your taking a back door approach to mineral extraction. Your war on working Consertive voice is way over your head.

Q: Is public recreational access granted to private lands under conservation easements?
A: In many cases, land trusts work hard to enhance and expand recreational access to both private and public lands. Some members of the Montana Association of Land Trusts have active trail programs that significantly expand hiking and other recreation opportunities in their areas.

The main purpose of land trusts, however, and the main charge land trusts have received through state statute, is to protect and conserve open lands, protect and conserve wildlife habitat, protect and conserve working farms and ranches, protect and conserve healthy forests, and protect and conserve stream corridors. Plus, conservation easements take place on private lands, and by law and tradition in Montana, recreational access to private lands is determined by the landowner.

The comment by some Geologist about the Bakken is bogus. Our friend Gunnar has the knowledge to explain how many mineral pay zones are multiple in the afford mentioned area.
Posted by Jeri Dalbec (+2689) 10 months ago
Interesting articles MCD☺ Maybe landowners will consider "Wind Farms" which would really "clear the air"☺ There is a beauty between Shelby and CutBank and the crops are flourishing. Just a thought☺