Trump Settles Golfers' Lawsuit in Florida
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2889) 11 months ago
No surprise here. It seems that Drumpf cheated golfers at his golf club in Florida about the same way he cheated the students at Drumpf University. The golfers went to court, and just like in the Drumpf University case, Drumpf settled. Of course, the settlement was only 94 cents on their dollar -- so, once again, Drumpf wins! What a guy!

"On Friday, a class-action lawsuit filed by former members was finally resolved when Drumpf National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. agreed to pay them $5.45 million to settle the case, according to Reuters."

The former members claimed that Drumpf National Jupiter had refused to refund their deposits when they left the club.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+12486) 11 months ago
No surprise here. Drumpf has made his career conning people. Unfortunately, he discovered a very,very stupid electorate who could easily be conned again.

Sigh. Make America Great Again. Drain the Swamp. Lock her up.

Tell us, Drumpf voters in your own words: Why on earth are you so stupid? How do you lift that spoon to your mouth in the morning while eating your oatmeal, without jamming it into your eye? Inquiring minds want to know.
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Posted by Steve Sullivan (+831) 11 months ago
In answer to some of your questions Gunnar:

Studies have shown that the amygdala in conservatives, ie - republicans, to be larger than the rest of the population. This means they are more prone to living in a fear based state. Of course we know that being in constant fear makes it hard to make rational decisions due to fear controlling the decision making process and emotions. Hence the oatmeal eating problems. It's hard to be smart when you are constantly fearful.

Now before anyone starts ragging on me - please research this before you let your fear based emotions cause you to respond. It's science. If you don't like science then please don't waste your time attempting a reply.
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