Miles City Youth Soccer Announcement
Posted by Chad (+1767) 5 years ago
February 6, 2018

Youth Soccer Parents & Supporters

RE: Upcoming Recreational Soccer season

Competitive teams are currently being formed for spring soccer and rec signups should be starting now. Sadly, we do not have the volunteers to take rec signups on, organize or manage the spring season.

In March of 2017, and summer of 2016, I sent letters to everyone on file with Miles City Youth Soccer via GotSoccer regarding the need for help and volunteers. In addition, for several seasons I have unsuccessfully advertised for the PAID position of rec coordinator. We are faced with the same issues to this day: We are woefully short of volunteer help to keep the programs going.

The minimal MCYSA Board is overloaded with the present work load, at risk of having to choose priorities, and questioning how long they can continue like this. We need a large pool of volunteers for behind the scenes business and work required to keep our programs going. There has been a steady decline in volunteerism, a continued decrease in the number of people that check a Volunteer item at registration, and an increase in those that ‘just can’t make it’ when contacted if they did check a volunteer box. We are at a crossroads, perhaps a tipping point as we go into the spring season for 2018.

Unless a number of people join the Board, form working committees, fund raise, organize… Rec soccer will likely not happen this spring. We will look at fall only Rec soccer, but that would leave hundreds of kids without soccer in the spring. We typically provide soccer to over 400 kids each year through three seasons, spring, fall, and winter indoor, as well as summer soccer camps. If we get an ample number of volunteers the board will help organize them and the tasks to be done, and the Board will dole out specific jobs, but it will be up to new volunteers to get the work done. The choice is ultimately in your hands.

This is not something the Board is taking lightly, but we are faced with a dilemma, and truly are at a crossroads. We are not alone with this problem; it is a fact statewide for soccer and other sports and activities, including school programs. Your help truly is essential to your kids’ success and participation.

If you are interested in applying for the Recreational Soccer Coordinator position, or if you would like to volunteer to help the Board and the Club make the Rec season happen please contact MCYSA at [email protected] .


Chad B. Sutter, President
Miles City Youth Soccer Association
PO Box 551
Miles City, MT 59301