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Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18775) 5 years ago
Is Trump fatter than what his doctor claims he is?


I join all Americans in having Trump stand on a certified scale on national television.
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Posted by MilesCityMcGee (+206) 5 years ago
His doctor reported him as being:

6'3'' Tall
239 Pounds

BMI 29.9 - overweight - just 0.1 under being considered obese.

Oddly enough - he must have grown taller since becoming president.
Before he was president, all records show him as being 6'2" tall.

6'2" Tall
239 pounds

BMI 30.7 - Obese

Now, if he is human (which is up for debate) men his age statistically lose at least an inch of height by the time they reach 70.

That would make him

6'1" Tall
239 Pounds

BMI 31.5 - Comfortably in the OBESE range.

For reference here is a man who claims to be 6'3" tall standing next to a man who is 6'1" tall.

Why does this matter?

Because it's just another lie.
It shows that he will always lie to make himself look better than he really is.
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Posted by Bridgier (+9547) 5 years ago
I'm just going to say, that if that man is 239... my scale is broken AF.
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Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2773) 5 years ago
It is true that The Donald was weighed on a carefully calibrated and certified scale. What is not generally know is that Trump had been flown to the moon where he was weighed on that scale.
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10381) 5 years ago
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