Marijuana in Montana
Posted by MilesCityMcGee (+216) 5 years ago
Jeff Sessions, resident Keebler Elf of the White House, has made it his mission to re-institute Reefer Madness. That includes removing the protections States have in allowing medicinal marijuana use, as there is no defining difference between recreational and medicinal by federal standards.

I often overhear residents of our fair town conversing on the topic and I overwhelmingly hear people agreeing that marijuana should be illegal, full stop.

Mind you, the crowd I'm surrounded by is typically of the age that was around for the original Reefer Madness, but still... It seems I hear very little from the other side of the isle in Custer County.

I'm simply curious to the stance of those here at MileCity . Com
Posted by cubby (+2687) 5 years ago
Make it legal and tax it, I don't see a problem with it. Now to each their own but the positives much out way the negatives. No different then alcohol in my eyes.
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