Anyone caring why DJT will not fire Bob Mueller?
Posted by Rob Shipley (+439) 2 years ago
First and foremost, why? The longer this goofy investigation endures the more ridiculous, pathetic and moronic all subscribing dems become; and, Trump knows all of this so very well. Mueller is the epitome of democrat political excellence. They have wasted $10,000,000 and an entire year and what do they have to show for this snafu? Nothing. Zero. Nada. {{ SNAFU, WWII GI slang, "Situation normal, all f***ed up"}}
Typical of all dems, they just always want their unthinking clans to keep wasting their cash paying their $185,000 plus salaries so they can keep on keeping on always campaigning for more and more and more months and years wasted in all of their despicable sloth and high minded lunacy.

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