Montie Montana
Posted by Hal Neumann (+9919) 3 years ago
At the age of 15, he earned $15 (though some articles claim that it was only $5) performing as a trick roper at the Miles City Fourth of July rodeo. Riding on his horse Rex, Owen came into a Miles City arena on July 4, 1925, for his first professional paid performance. It was there he was christened with his stage name. As he rode into the arena the announcer, as the story goes, could not recall his name and simply proclaimed, “Here’s Montie from Montana, the Montana Kid.”

From Wolf Point to Hollywood, Montie Montana wowed them
--Brian D'Ambrosio
December 10, 2017
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Posted by nativemc (+913) 3 years ago
I remember Montie Montana coming to Miles City in about 1961, maybe 62 to perform at the schools. I was in the 2nd grade I think. Man we were excited. Here was a real star and he was performing for us.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17321) 3 years ago
Interesting story, but there is a weird error in it, that seems to go beyond being just a typo.

First we read:

Born on June 21, 1910, Owen was their fifth child, and he was raised predominantly around Wolf Point and Miles City,...

But then later:

In August 1964, Montie visited the Foster Frontier Photo Gallery in Miles City and was given a photograph of his father, grandfather and grandmother taken in Miles City about 1923. His father was 11 years old at the time. The photo shows the group standing by a Model T truck with a big covered van on the back.

If its 1923, then was it Montie who was around 11 years old? But the first sentence doesn't mention him. If it truly was his father around 11, then some date from the late 1800s would correct. But then, they wouldn't be standing around a Model T truck.