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Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) 4 years ago
Anyone who wants to ever KNOW the absolute truth of why the City wasted $250,000 in nine (9) years (2006 through 2015) persecuting a lifetime resident with their ILLEGAL and GOOFY trumped up Public Nuisance crapola, please do this for once and for all time. They did it because they did it ALL ILLEGALLY, and, they did it ON YOUR TAX MONEY, truly wasted every step of the way.
Google Wikipedia, "Florida v Jardines". Scroll down 3/4 of the way to the SCOTUS opinion of Justice Antonin Scalia. Read and LEARN for once in your sad lives the REALITY and TRUTH of what is known in law as "curtilage". Learn that the Founding Fathers in the Constitution and the 4th,5th and 14th Amendments that followed on, all PRESERVE the right of the people to be FREE and INDEPENDENT upon their own property anywhere and everywhere in the USA.
This common law FACT dates back to Old English Law that is well over 350 years old.
No town nor city in the USA can ever charge anyone with "public nuisance" without first having received multiple and numerous written and SIGNED complaints from the local police department.
Mayors and their sick and twisted friends cannot do this sort of thing.
No other Montana city nor town has ever wasted $250,000 in any such criminal endeavor. If I have erred, please, anyone, alert my error here in this good public forum.

Thank you..............Rob Shipley