Posted by Rob Shipley (+481) 5 years ago
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1. How many voters are there in Miles City?
2. How many voters in Custer County?
3 What would be my chances campaigning for Justice of the Peace here?

Rob Shipley
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Posted by David Schott (+18757) 5 years ago
Reply to Rob Shipley (#373884)
6,772 registered voters in Custer County as of 11/19/2017, the bulk of which reside within the boundaries of the City of Miles City.

You can find this information on the Montana Secretary of State's website:

Montana Secretary of State: Statewide Voter File Information -- Results and Statistics

Here is the direct link to the spreadsheet with voter registration numbers by county:

Rob, given how things went in the 2017 City of Miles City Municipal Judge election and given that most Custer County voters are Miles Citians, unless you would be running unopposed, I would urge you to give serious consideration to not running for Justice of the Peace.
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Posted by cubby (+2687) 5 years ago
Just make it easy on yourself and find another way to payback to the community Rob. No reason to bust your butt for no reward.
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