Brave Enough to be Angry
Posted by Rob Shipley (+481) 4 years ago
Am I angry? No, just very thankful.
Just returned from Sand Springs on Hiway 59 as it was getting dark. Three (3) Mule Deer does ran across the road well ahead of me from my left side.
Then the 3-point or 4-point buck followed them as I was meeting a Ford pickup and gooseneck horse trailer.

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

The Ford swerved over the centerline to miss the Mule Deer buck forcing me to jam on my brakes from 60 mph and head off into the grassy borrow pit.

Am I angry? Not in the least. Just damned thankful none of the three (3) of us smashed into each other............the buck, the Ford and me.

Suggest we all enjoy life to the fullest and stop being pissed off all the time.

Rob Shipley

DAMN IT !!!!!!
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Posted by David Schott (+17896) 4 years ago
Reply to Rob Shipley (#373874)
On that road, what are the odds of meeting another vehicle at the same time a deer jumps out in front of you? You should buy a lottery ticket.

Hope your vehicle wasn't damaged.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15279) 4 years ago
Rob... Given you have had a bad auto wreck in the past, that had to be “oh s h i t, I’ve seen this movie, didn’t like the ending” scary. I’m glad no one was injured.
Posted by Rob Shipley (+481) 4 years ago
David Schott,

I have a nose guard on both my diesel crew cabs...............but being forced off the road by the Ford and trailer was a bit much.