Sexual Harassment: Brave Enough to be Angry
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
The news about the number of women willing to talk about the sexual harassment and/or sexual assault they experienced in Hollywood keeps growing -–

And today’s news is -- gold medalist, Aly Raisman, has accused Larry Nassar, the U.S. national gymnastic team’s former doctor of sexual abuse, joining the more than 130 women who have said the doctor sexually assaulted them.

And, if all all this news wasn't sickening enough, then remember who is the current President of the United States -– a man who has admitted to ("grab 'em by the p---y"), and been accused of serial sexual harassment and/or assault by many women.

That is why so many women marched in protest last January, in the U.S. and around the world.


Finally, in light of all the news, this article “Brave Enough to be Angry” by Lindy West, New York Times, November 8, 2017 seems particularly pertinent.
Posted by The man from snowy plains (-236) 6 years ago
MCD;So men should say they have had Sexualy Haressment? YES OR NO!
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
Tragically, yes -- Men have been victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, assault and violence. Some are coming forward now. Also, most tragically of all, children of both sexes have been victimized. Some cases cases involve sex trafficking, human trafficking and sex slavery.

It's not a Democrat or Republican issue. It's a human rights issue and governments and many non-governmental organizations around the world are trying to stop it.

In the United States, the laws and statutes protecting victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, assault and violence apply equally to men, women and children.
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Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
As I've written previously, sexual harassment or sexual violence is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it's a human rights issue.

And, now, the latest bad news is about Senator Al Franken (D-MN).
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
And, here's one about President George H.W. Bush (the elder):
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2896) 6 years ago
At least Senator Franken (D-MN) has had the decency to issue an apology and a statement.

Here's the part I liked best:

"Over the last few months, all of us—-including and especially men who respect women—-have been forced to take a good, hard look at our own actions and think (perhaps, shamefully, for the first time) about how those actions have affected women. . . . . I understand why we need to listen to and believe women’s experiences."
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 6 years ago
Sexual violence, harassment, slavery, etcetera.
It all reverts to being the actual "enslavement" of one or more persons under another. Slavery is the unlawful, illegal, unholy stealing of liberty and rights of a people.
The truth is the basic trouble with all slavery. Holy Father GOD did not create the cosmos, the small planet Earth, and human beings in His image in order that slavery should ever have been.
The world has been seventy (70) years all wrapped up in the Holocaust. Six million (6,000,000) Jews enslaved, starved to death, beaten, raped, murdered.
The far greater numbers of enslaved human beings were the black people from West Africa from 1440 to 1870. These 430 years of the Transatlantic Slave Trade were nearly four times (4x) as terrible as the Holocaust of WWII in just the numbers alone.
When anyone will dig very deep into all the truth and facts, during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, there were twenty-two million (22,000,000) black African people sold to the slave trading companies and their ships; kidnapped for the same profits; and, this was a 430 year episode in the slavery arena of human beings since four thousand (4,000) years before Christ.
There has always been slavery, there always will be slavery. It is the one true sickness of humankind. It is the most despicable of all human tragedy.
Ah, but guess what is the issue with slavery in the USA? It was and has been terrible, true enough, but only six percent (6%) of the 22,000,000 black Africans who were ever kidnapped or sold into slavery during the Transatlantic Slave Trade ever arrived on USA shores. Nineteen percent (19%) or three times (3X) as many went to Italy and eleven percent (11%) ended up in Jolly Old England.
There were so many slave ships crisscrossing the Atlantic from England and Portugal and Spain to Africa and then to the New World, when slaves died owing illness or starvation or were beaten to death they were thrown overboard and recorded history reveals schools of sharks swam alongside these slave ships for months and sharks devoured hundreds of thousands of these black human beings.
One account I researched many years ago, and it was truly sickening, read like this:
Of an average of three hundred sixty (360) slaves aboard a slave ship leaving Africa headed for the Caribbean, eight (8) or ten (10) would be beaten to death for insubordination; more than fifty (50) of all the women would be raped; fifteen (15) or twenty (20) would starve to death; and, since there were unlimited numbers of slaves from which to draw, medicines and medical doctors were not necessary aboard these ships until the Royal Navy dictated the slave trade illegal upon the high seas in 1807 and began restricting the vastness of these huge numbers of human beings.
Slavery in America is not that white people hate black people but rather the other way around. Black people in general truly hate, loathe and despise white people in the USA and that is fact.
I have friends who are black, and I hold them and their friendships dear to my heart and always will. I never started slavery, just expended hundreds (100s) and hundreds (100s)of hours online studying all about the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Who were the GREATEST contributors and providers of slaves to the European slave merchants?
The kidnappers got a great many and this is all recorded history, but the human beings most responsible for the actual providing of this human trafficking were ......the black African tribal chiefs and chieftains themselves. Many more slaves were SOLD into slavery by black rulers than ever kidnapped or stolen.

Thank you. Rob Shipley
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 6 years ago
Sexual harassment.
I will never condone American sexual forays regardless of being democrat, republican, or center of the road. The sexual harassment that thrives in the USA does not ever spark any notice from me. So what? Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. All sexual activity outside of marriage is sin against GOD as per the Holy Bible so none of us should ever engage for any reason.
Father GOD knows my sins have been a great many.
What concerns me is the sexual sins of the Muslim world.
Now this ordeal is truly sickening. I study it no more, I have had enough, anyone can stick a fork into me, I am done.
a. Pre-arranged marriages
b. Vaginal alteration of young girls
c. Male dominance over women to the nth degree
d. Muhammed having many wives, the baby of the bunch was age eight (8)

Give me a break, get me outa here.
The sickest sins of the entire world, to me, in my opinion, all spew from the Muslim world.

Rob Shipley
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 6 years ago
Sexual predation in the USA has been strong for quite awhile.

During the Civil War a Union general by the name of Thomas J. Hooker ordered his troops to find women to be brought to his camps for the sexual pleasures of his war weary soldiers. Thus, the name "hookers".

U.S. Grant was a drunk and a rounder and was a huge factor in the winning of the Civil War. He also became a fine president.

Winston Churchill drank so much scotch during WWII it was amazing.

Was Marilyn Monroe ever "engaged" in sexual activity in the White House with JFK like was another woman and president thirty-five (35) years later?

Did Willie Nelson actually toke up on the White House roof?

We all know the truth when we hear it and see it on TV, right? "I never had sexual relationships with Miss Lewinsky."

And now we have criminal Al Franken and photographic evidence of his fondling a young woman's breasts and stating for all to believe, "I thought it was funny".

And they shoot such men as Lincoln.

Rob Shipley
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 6 years ago
Brave Enough to Be Angry
I have a close friend who was a Montana Highway Patrolman. One night a Montana politician was driving intoxicated and rolled his car and another man was killed.
By hook and crook the blood soaked clothes of the deceased made the undercover journey to the utilities room of the Governor's Mansion in Helena at 0315 in the morning.
They were washed by the occupant of the GM. The HP wrote a complaint. Nothing ever happened to the occupant of the GM.
Former governor, Judy Martz, who I much enjoyed meeting at the Miles City Veteran's Cemetery dedication many years ago recently passed away. Many are saddened by this wonderful woman's passing. I am also.
Did she irk the patrolman who was doing his duty as per his Oath of Office? Yes, obviously. Was it the "right" thing to do? Probably not.
Am I angry about this truth that was quietly revealed to me first hand from the HP officer? No. Never. It is what it is.
Living kills and everything changes.

Rob Shipley
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 6 years ago
Brave Enough To Be Angry
Lincoln said it all, for all time.
"No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens." The Clinton Era is over. Good riddance to that White House sexual predator. Do I actually really care what he did? Not really. He did get away with it for twenty-five (25) years however. Must I face Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Bema and answer for any of my sexual activity in the White House? No. Will he? Yes.
I seriously have a great plenty of my own sins for which I need to repent.
Will Father GOD forgive me? Yes, I am sure. Will GOD forgive Bill Clinton? Yes.
Will GOD forgive Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, the Little Missile Dude in North Korea, Lenin, and Charles Manson? No way.

Rob Shipley