Anyone subscribing to near T&CC
Posted by Rob Shipley (+475) 5 years ago
Anyone residing on south side of Miles City near the Town and Country Club, please note.
We have a wonderful cat. His name is Jim Bridger. He is a Maine Coon. He is 18 months young and big. Fluffy long haired cat. Sooooooooooooper friendly and loves to be combed.
He is not a fighter and is a neutered tomcat. Eats like a little pig and enjoys milk, both white and chocolate.
One problem however. We have deduced he is a true con artist. He just came home after an eleven (11) vacation or outing. We believe he has obtained another home close by of good people who pet him and feed his voracious appetite.
Anyone who sees Jim around or is feeding him.....please call us....234-2477.
Please email us that you know where he is when he gets out on another adventure.

[email protected]

Thank you very sincerely,