Furstnow Saddles and Moreno Saddle Maker
Posted by MorenoSaddle (+4) 4 years ago
I am actually trying to locate an F.M. Moreno women's saddle which I owned in the 1960's. It was brown, beautifully floral carved, with a large silver concha on the horn, and probably four other conchas on the corners, with a single girth. The cantle was unique, too early for a Cheyenne roll, but with a rope-like leather finish along the top of the cantle, formed by the saddlemaker, not beaded. Does that make sense?
I would love to know if this particular saddle still exists. It was sadly sold when my horse died and I have no idea what happened to it. I have searched for years to find one like it, but Moreno saddles are not common. If nothing else, since it was an old friend of many miles, It would be great to know it still exists and has a good home.