Birthday party 1942
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11877) 4 years ago
Mrs. Jessie Haynes entertained a group of children in honor of her son Otis, who was celebrating his seventh birthday. Guests included Lucille Bossler, Judy Herrick, Joan Haftle, Bobby Bennett, Charles Mattson, Johnny Mattson, Bobby Lucas, Paul Lucas, Lanny Neylor, and Larry Azure. Ruth Trzcinski, Molly Stamp and Nancy Shore assisted the hostess.

I believe Otis killed himself later in life. That is the weird thing about doing Stardust. I come across photos of a smiling Gordie Nation or the mention of a marriage I know went wrong and there is nothing I can do. My grandmother entered the hospital fifty years ago this week and will die in October. Strange feeling, in many ways. I know most of the people in the older papers are long dead but I feel a bit voyeuristic knowing their futures at a time when they didn't.
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