Getting ready for D-Day
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18477) 5 years ago
You might think it was this past Tuesday, but I am thinking that the new D-Day will be this Friday, if not Thursday night, after former FBI director James Comey testifies to Congress.

The Big Orange Buffoon will unleash a Twitter storm of anger, lies, and lunacy that will make his previous 140 word messages look tame. His moronic followers will howl in glee. The world will look at us like a bunch of dumba$$es. Life will carry on.
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Posted by The man from snowy plains (-242) 5 years ago
With the written statement out today. Apparently "There is no THERE there". Can we move on then?
Posted by David Schott (+18539) 5 years ago
Seattle Times: James Comey testimony drinking game: Play along

Then-FBI chief James Comey is sworn-in May 3 prior to testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Carolyn Kaster/AP, file)

The former FBI director testifies in front of the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday.
By Ardua Harris
Seattle Times entertainment and lifestyle editor

Is there a more anticipated TV event than James Comey’s testimony in the front of the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday? Well, not this month at least.

It feels more like we’re getting ready for the Super Bowl of Testimonies, so we thought we’d have a little fun. Take a drink of coffee or your morning beverage of choice each time you hear or see one of these words or events.

You’ll be buzzing all afternoon.

Note: If President Trump tweets it, it counts. Testimony starts at 7 a.m. Pacific time on most of the broadcast and cable-news networks.

Take a sip

If President Trump starts live-tweeting
If a newscaster uses the word “blockbuster”
The American people
President Trump

Take two sips

Jeff Sessions
Jared Kushner
The New York Times
The Washington Post

Take three sips

Fake news
Michael Flynn
Mainstream media (MSM)
“Don’t leave me alone with Trump”
Ambassador Kislyak

Take four sips

Hillary Clinton’s email
Back channel
Witch hunt
Robert Mueller
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Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15490) 5 years ago
So as a "reality curmudgeon" I think it is important to point out the following:
I know there are several of you waiting with baited breath for the Comey testimony tomorrow. You are waiting for the smoking gun which will convict Agent Orange and lead to the beginning of his impeachment.

I think there are a couple of points that you need to consider:
-Since Agent Orange descended on the escalator, we've been told "he can't possible survive that". Yet, he did/has.

-He insulted POW John McCain, and survived.

-Jeb Bush said "You can't insult your way to the presidency; he survived.
-Insulted numerous ethnic groups; he survived.

-Ran a completely disorganized campaign with multiple campaign managers; and survived.

-etc. etc. etc. Teflon Don has a way of surviving all the poop thrown his way. As progressives, we need to understand this fact.

The notion he won't survive all of the Russian accusations and whatever else he has done, simply isn't based in history or fact. He finds a way to survive. I think we are stuck with him until the next election.

Part of the reason why he has survived is because he is a cash cow for the media. Every tweet, blog, post, click, etc. generates huge money to the media who has figured out how to monetize the internet and his cult of personality. They will keep him in power as long as possible. It is in their best financial interest to do so.

If progressives ever want to be "above the fold" in the public discussion we need STOP talking about Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia. All we are doing by such discussion is generating more cash for the media. (MCD, I'm casting shade your way)

We need to start leading by example and start talking about OUR issues. We need to demonstrate we are prepared to lead. This is critical. We need to OWN issues like the living wage, fighting wage suppression, desertification, single payer healthcare. We can win on these issues if we change our focus and started inundating voter value systems with OUR message.

If we continue to focus on Agent Orange and his removal, we will lose the next election. So, let's just stop talking about him. We need to understand, should the GOP get a sudden jolt of morality and throw Trump out, it helps them, not us. Progressivism relies on functional government. The more progressives play the role of obstructing the GOP, the more we are seen as unqualified to lead. So let's stop with all the cute games and start talking about kitchen table economics which connect with voter values. It's time to change our approach.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18477) 5 years ago
Here's a good article explaining the mentality of your average Trump supporter.
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