Gun Club Work Day Schedule
Posted by Jesse Smith (+419) 6 years ago

We just wanted to send out a reminder/update on the two club work days coming up. Please note that he rifle/pistol range will be CLOSED during the work day April 29th!

Rifle Range Work Day: (Saturday April, 29th 9:00 AM)
We have a few projects to accomplish and they should be great improvements to the range. Please see the below list of projects and bring any hand tools you think we might need. We always need a few weed eaters, string, gas, etc. and volunteers to run them, spray weeds, and accomplish the below projects. We can use some adjustable wrenches, wire cutters, and shovels as well. We will have a couple tractors and welders on-site but need volunteers badly. Even if you can’t spend all day, please consider coming out for a couple hours. NOTHING is done on your range, except that which is done by members volunteering their time.

We will be firing up the BBQ and the club will be providing lunch and refreshments! We will need volunteers to run the BBQ and man the coolers!

Projects to be accomplished at the Rifle Range Work Way (April 29th):
* replace berms behind the 25 and 50 yard target boards with tire walls filled with dirt and backed by berms, to keep mud off sidewalks
* reset the culvert across the west entrance to the pistol bays, replace with longer pipe and set pipe deeper in ground
* repair steel swinging targets targets on the 200 and 100 yard ranges
* replace broken chains on steel targets with rubber belts
* repair/weld 25 yard target frame
* replace any worn target backer boards
* install pipe over gate entrance
* weld new stands for steel targets
* move lock washers on steel targets so they ring when hit

We can use used tires! If you have used tires you need to get rid of, please bring them with you!

Spotted Eagle Work Day: (Saturday, May 13th 9:00 AM)
* Empty clubhouse, items either go to storage or the dump (we have enough trailers planned, but need volunteers to move items)
* Demo last remaining wall and haul demo materials to dump (need sledge hammers, crow bars, wire cutters, electrical tape, cordless drills, etc.)
* fix floor cracks (will get sealer/crack fill as needed on work day)
* fix benches and shotgun racks (need lumber, hole saws, screws, cordless drills, etc.)
* paint trap houses white (Cheri Reed will bring paint, brushes, rollers, etc.)
* spray weeds
* fix mower tires
* weed eat
* mow grass
* spray for bees
* change blade on mower

If you believe in promoting shooting and like the club and community having use of the Spotted Eagle clubhouse, please donate a couple hours to help get this work done. We have approximately 400 members in the club, and we average about 8 people each year at our work days. Just like voting, YOUR PARTICIPATION DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you have any questions, please email us ( ).

Also, the Boy Scouts are holding a camporee at the Spotted Eagle shotgun and archery range May 5th-7th. Among other projects, they will be working to receive badges in archery, trap shooting, etc. They could use some volunteers to help supervise the kids during the shooting/archery events on the 5th and 6th. If you would like to volunteer to help the Boy Scouts for a few hours, please email us ( ) and we will forward your contact info to the folks in charge.
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Posted by Jesse Smith (+419) 6 years ago
Today is the first of the two big days! See you at the range 9:00 AM until ???