1989 Disappearance near Circle of Pat Meehan
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1431) 6 years ago
She disappeared after a car accident near Circle, lived in Bozeman. https://en.wikipedia.org/...cia_Meehan
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Posted by David Schott (+18536) 6 years ago
Reply to Don Birkholz (#371179)
In the summer of 1989 I was working as a clerk at the Bridger View Conoco which was located on N 7th Ave @ I-90 in Bozeman.

One afternoon a big, yellow/cream, early 70's era Ford station wagon pulled up to one of the gas pumps and some guy who looked like a gray-haired version of the Denver Nuggets prospector mascot filled up the tank.

The guy came in to pay for his purchase and he presented a credit card the name on which was "Patricia F Meehan".

I was fully aware of this Pat Meehan going missing from the scene of the accident near Circle and how there were news reports of her being seen in various places in western Montana and that she might have been suffering from a head injury that had left her confused.

Prospector Pat didn't look like a Patricia to me so I was pretty suspicious why he was using a card with that name.

Back then we were still using manual imprint credit card machines and I went to imprint his card onto the receipt but I was so flustered I failed to set the amount on the imprinter. I had to set that credit card slip aside and do another one.

As the guy left I commented to other customers in the store about the Patricia Meehan name on the card. One customer ran outside and got the license plate number off of the car while I called the Bozeman Police.

Prospector Pat got onto eastbound I-90 and the Bozeman Police had him stopped before he got much past the east Bozeman exit (Main St).

Another Bozeman cop stopped by the store and I showed them the credit card receipts. That cop was in contact with the cops that had Prospector Pat pulled over. Ultimately they concluded that he was on the up-and-up and that "Patricia F Meehan" was not the missing Patricia Meehan and the old guy was an authorized user of Patricia F Meehan's credit card. He was allowed to go on his way.

I worked at that Conoco station for about 6 months during college and I have a long list of crazy stories like that one from my short time working there. Rarely a dull moment at that place.

One more I'll share: The gas station opened at 6am and closed at 10pm every day. The cash register till was shared by all employees throughout the day so no one person was responsible for the till. It was common for the till to be off (either long or short) practically every day but rarely off by more than $10. One day it was off by more than $100. Thank goodness I hadn't worked that day, but the manager told me about it the next day. The following day when one of the guys who was working that day showed up for work he was sporting a brand new, really fancy, $100+ ski jacket. The timing of his purchase was unfortunate if nothing else.
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