Posted by Redheadguy (+51) 6 years ago
Ok, I've been doing research and what's the best Internet in Miles City? Looks like mid River charges per gb. How's Century link? And does Charter have service in Miles City?
Posted by MCMTLG (+40) 6 years ago
Really not happy with the push towards "Wide Open Internet" in Miles City. Higher bandwidth plus $.20 per gig will really add up for heavier users.

Centurylink added 20mbps service fairly recently which has a 600gb cap. That amount of data alone will cost you at least $140 on Midrivers now. Pretty crazy. And they're taking away any other option.

Glad Centurylink is still an option. Charter in this area used to be Bresnan, which Midrivers bought out in Miles City. Kinda wish that was still an option as well.
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