Who's responsible?
Posted by cubby (+2629) 4 years ago
I'm just wondering if there is a law in place like Billings and others have for shoveling snow off of sidewalks? Not so much side streets but like the main side walks like Main, and Haynes. The reason I ask is I find it rude that Bloedorn would pile their snow on the side walk of N Haynes so people walking to work have to walk out in the street to get around it. I mean S Haynes is always plowed and the rest of N Haynes is plowed (mostly from kind hearted folks on ATV's). I know when I lived on N Haynes I used to do it all the way to main and never thought twice on doing it because I happen to enjoy winter. Anyways I seen on the Billings news that they allow 24 hours to have snow removed from all side walks and even asked for people to help their neighbors with removal. Now I would go do the side walk on N Haynes but it is so packed down now that my ATV won't move it. I just feel bad for anyone who is walking to have to move to the road just to get around the unplowed snow in some areas. Any input on this?
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