The US Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus
Posted by MRH (+1555) 15 years ago

The groups certainly provided wonderful entertainment last night. Seemed like everyone in attendance enjoyed the program. I know we did. Thanks to the Miles City Star and the High School for sponsoring the concert.
Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+401) 15 years ago
This was one of the best musical evenings in the history of Miles City. The group was very large and extremely diverse. One of the members who is from American Samoa has a son who was the hero of the Navy-Notre Dame game. Another member is from Ismay. I met several of the band and chorus members including the soloist saxaphone man who played selections from Carmen, the solo clarinet, a Native American band member, the Black choral soloist from Louisiana and a wonderful singer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who spoke to me for 15 minuutes or more. One young woman was thrilled to have been able to walk downtown.They all expressed the wish that they could meet more people on their tours, but time doesn't allow them to. They arriveed at 11:30 pm on Friday and left first thing Sunday morning. As a result, they are looking forward to getting our e-mails and letters. Mine will be a word picture of our history, our culture and our uniqueness. I hope you'll write too. The addresses are on the program and I'm sure I'll find it any week now.

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Johnnie Lou