Closing of Pirogue Island?
Posted by Jesse Smith (+419) 6 years ago
Has anyone heard about this? A friend of mine was wondering why there are no signs on the posts along the trails on the island, so she started digging. This is the message she sent me today...

"Doug Habermann, Region 5 and acting Region 7 Parks Manager took down the signs......and there are plans in the works to close Pirogue Island. This is being done in a VERY hush-hush manner!!!! And....Habermann has used the Hell Creek issue to draw the public's attention and the media's attention away from Pirogue. Habermann has tried to shift the control over Pirogue to the Fisheries Division for a Fishing Access Site - since there is not access by vehicles and a location for a boat ramp, Fisheries doesn't want it."
Posted by MCMT59301 (+185) 6 years ago
This better not be the case...that is a wonderful area and needs to be open to the public.
Posted by spacekace (+890) 6 years ago
Maybe call the region 5 member of the Montana State Parks & Recreation Board to see exactly what the deal is and voice your concerns...

Tom Towe, Billings (Chairman)

[email protected]
(406) 248-7337
Posted by cyndie (+346) 6 years ago
I could see this. Another reason I want to move from Miles City. They have every place closed up. No place to have access to fish or camp anymore, unless you have a boat or own property.
Posted by Tara Marshbanks (+19) 6 years ago
I know they took the signs down last fall and put them back up again in the spring so that may be what they are doing again this year.