1. Ask Ken Holmlund Why Oh Why?
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2902) 6 years ago
At tonight’s candidate’s forum at Miles Community College, ask Ken Holmlund why in the last legislative session, he didn’t want to try again to revive the failed infrastructure bill that would have created jobs and boosted our state and local economies.

I’m referring to the failed infrastructure bill – SB 416. Ken Holmlund says he voted for the infrastructure repair bill in the House (SB 416). That true. However, the infrastructure bill, which had been passed by the Republican Senate, failed by just one vote in the House.

What Ken Holmlund doesn’t tell you (in his political advertisements in the local newspaper) is that he then voted ‘no’ on the two motions that would have revived the infrastructure bill, so that the House could again debate the issue and try to pass the bill.

Infrastructure projects as defined in that bill would have funded projects across the State of Montana: drinking water systems; wastewater treatment; sanitary sewer or storm sewer systems; solid waste disposal and separation systems, including site acquisition, preparation, and monitoring and local roads or bridges.

It would have meant (for the last two years) lots of jobs statewide for contractors, engineers, laborers, and more money would have been circulating in local economies statewide.

So, tonight ask Ken Holmlund why he didn’t want to try again to revive a bill that would have repaired infrastructure statewide and would have created jobs and boosted our state and local economies.

See his votes on the failed motions at:
Posted by MCMT59301 (+185) 6 years ago
I also wonder what he did in regards to the Quality Schools Grant program that was to help Montana schools with repairs and upgrades to their facilities. This program was killed by the legislature, and Miles City was #1 on the list. I don't recall how the program died, or if it died as part of the infrastructure bill that Ken helped kill, but I sure hope that he sided with Miles City, and not the Tea Partiers in our legislature that put their ideology over what was best for Montana.

All I know if the Quality Schools Grant program dies because of the death of the infrastructure bill, Ken should be ashamed of himself putting party politics over what was best for his constituents in MILES CITY.
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2902) 6 years ago
Before you vote tomorrow, please remember that in the last legislative session of the House, your representative, Ken Holmlund, voted twice to revive the failed Infrastructure Bill (SB 416) which had already passed the Republican led Senate and had failed in the House by only 1 vote. Because that infrastructure bill was not revived Miles City, and many other communities in Eastern Montana, were denied critical financial help for roads, water systems, sewer systems and other important infrastructure projects. Those projects would have created jobs and would have boosted our state and local economies. So, rather than keep negotiating in order to get an infrastructure bill passed, Ken Holmlund chose to stop trying to help his constituents in Miles City and Eastern Montana when he voted twice to revive the failed infrastructure bill. Statewide, the citizens of Montana lost big time when that bill failed!

In his political ads in the Miles City Star, Ken Holmlund keeps touting his “experience.” I think his role in the failed infrastructure bill clearly demonstrates that this is an “experience” his constituents would rather not have repeated. Yet in an interview in last Friday’s (11-04-16) Miles City Star Ken Holmlund stated that “we have to define ‘infrastructure.’ There is currently no specific legal definition of the term.”

I know that Steve Muggli will have no problem understanding or defining state infrastructure if he is elected as our representative. Steve Muggli is committed to getting an infrastructure bill passed if he is elected. If an impasse is reached, as it was in the last session, Steve Muggli will not walk away from the negotiating table like Ken Holmlund did.

Please join me and vote for Steve Muggli for House District 38. Let's have a good "experience" this time in the House.