Cowboy Football, Class A football stat leaders
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Here's what will have to happen for the Cowboys to make the playoffs:

1.) Beat Glendive.
2.) Polson beats Havre.

Should both of those things happen, the Cowboys would travel to Lewistown in the first round of the playoffs. The winner of that game would then travel to Dillon in the quarterfinals.

As unlikely as a playoff berth seemed following the loss to Billings Central last Friday, Havre's loss to Lewistown gave the Cowboys new hope. The Blue Ponies' quarterback was lost for the season with a broken arm in that game and their coach will miss the Polson game due to having been ejected against Lewistown. Neither of these factors should make much of a difference, as Polson would be a massive favorite over a Havre team at full strength.

A win over the Red Devils isn't a given, especially considering how things have gone for the Cowboys over the last two weeks. But considering that Miles City hasn't lost to Glendive since any current member of the Cowboys was born,, chances are good that the trend will continue. Miles City last lost to Glendive in the 1996 season and have won the last 19 meetings.

Here are your Class A leaders for passing, rushing, and receiving entering the final week of the regular season.

Passing (ranked by yards per game):

Dakota Bridwell, Columbia Falls - 147-245-2333-29-5 (333.3 ypg)
Gabe Gundlach, Miles City - 128-207-1661-16-17 (207.6 ypg)
Tanner Wilson, Polson - 72-133-1232-14-3 (176.0 ypg)
Carson Rostad, Hamilton - 71-108-1190-15-5 (170.0 ypg)
Liam LeCoure, Stevensville - 90-211-1167-9-12 (166.7 ypg)
Tanner Kump, Butte Central - 75-154-1160-7-6 (165.7 ypg)
Troy Andersen, Dillon - 96-165-1129-10-6 (161.3 ypg)
Ty Hoppie, Frenchtown - 68-132-876-5-5 (146.0 ypg)
Trey Murphy, Havre - 85-155-1160-10-6 (145.0 ypg)
Mitchell Norslien, Lewistown - 66-112-978-12-6 (139.7 ypg)

Passing (ranked by NFL passer rating formula):

Zack Spady, Belgrade - 32-57-680-14-2 (123.5)
Carson Rostad, Hamilton - 71-108-1190-15-5 (123.1)
Dakota Bridwell, Columbia Falls - 147-245-2333-29-5 (122.7)
Tanner Wilson, Polson - 72-133-1232-14-3 (111.5)
Jet Campbell, Billings Central - 47-101-787-11-2 (101.4)
Mitchell Norslien, Lewistown - 66-112-978-12-6 (101.0)
Trey Murphy, Havre - 85-155-1160-10-6 (84.3)
Troy Andersen, Dillon - 96-165-1129-10-6 (84.1)
Bridger Bauder, Hamilton - 44-70-554-4-4 (82.1)
Gabe Gundlach, Miles City - 128-207-1661-16-17 (78.6)

Notes: Bauder started the first three games of the season at quarterback, but has since moved back to receiver. Rostad, a freshman, is now the full-time QB for the Broncs. Bauder's passing stats are based on the three games in which he played that position. Rostad's passing stats are based on the seven games in which he attempted a pass.

Rushing (ranked by yards per game):

Hayden Van Winkle, Belgrade - 78-875-12 (125.0 ypg)
Manny Rivera, Hamilton - 144-904-10 (113.0 ypg)
Tanner Wilson, Polson - 110-758-12 (108.3 ypg)
Colton Cote, Polson - 123-757-5 (108.1 ypg)
Isaac Fry, Lewistown - 110-743-2 (106.1 ypg)
Jase Stokes, Havre - 137-839-12 (104.9 ypg)
Blake Burton, Butte Central - 74-792-6 (99.0 ypg)
Ben Voss, Billings Central - 86-639-8 (91.3 ypg)
Alec Lovegren, Sidney - 112-703-10 (87.9 ypg)
Jacob Morris, Miles City - 136-621-5 (77.6 ypg)

Receiving (ranked by yards per game):

Braxton Reiten, Columbia Falls - 45-813-12 (116.1 ypg)
Tyler Burk, Miles City - 55-921-12 (115.1 ypg)
Matthew Rensvold, Polson - 43-781-9 (111.6 ypg)
Alex Gavlak, Stevensville - 28-563-5 (80.4 ypg)
Trevor Hoerner, Columbia Falls - 32-511-5 (73.0 ypg)
Ty Chouinard, Hamilton - 35-536-7 (67.0 ypg)
Sam Johnston, Butte Central - 35-485-3 (60.6 ypg)
Bridger Bauder, Hamilton - 21-301-2 (60.2 ypg)
Adam Botkin, Frenchtown - 21-473-3 (59.1 ypg)
Trey Mounts, Belgrade - 18-410-6 (58.6 ypg)

Notes: Bauder started the first three games of the season at quarterback, but has since moved back to receiver. His receiving stats are based on the five games in which he has lined up at receiver.

Miles City Leaders

Passing: Gabe Gundlach - 128-207-1661-16-17 (leads Class A in completions and interceptions, ranks second in TD passes, yardage, and attempts, ranks third in completion percentage).

Rushing: Jacob Morris - 136-621-5 (ranks 10th in Class A in rushing yards, ranks third in attempts), Jacob Swope 38-146-0, Tyler Burk 23-85-0

Receiving: Tyler Burk - 55-921-12 (leads Class A in receptions, yards, and touchdowns), Jacob Swope - 26-301-2, Mason Dinardi 19-256-1, Caleb Petross 16-140-1.

Notes: Gundlach has established new CCDHS records for single-game passing yards (373), completions (26), attempts (42), and passing touchdowns (6). He has also set a new CCDHS single-season mark for interceptions with 17. The previous record was 10, shared by Chris Morford (1998), Jordan Bryant (2007), and Ben Herzog (2011). He is on pace to set new standards in attempts, completions, and completion percentage.

Here are the all-time Class A receiving leaders:

Ranked by yardage:

1.) Ty Morgan, Columbia Falls (2012-14): 130-2304-26
2.) Logan Harwood, Whitefish (2010-12): 121-2225-23
3.) Parker Filius, Havre (2012-15): 154-2150-15
4.) Tyler Burk, Miles City (2014-Current): 124-2069-22
5.) Bridger Bauder, Hamilton (2014-Current): 118-2061-22
6.) Jed Nagler, Whitefish (2013-15): 105-2027-20
7.) Alec Haughian, Miles City (2011-14): 120-1954-23
8.) Doug Reid, Billings Central (1993-95): 129-1929-21
9.) Kale Guldseth, Butte Central (2010-13): 148-1918-18
10.) Kevin Criswell, Colstrip (1998-2000): 111-1903-18

Ranked by receptions:

1.) Parker Filius, Havre (2012-15): 154-2150-15
2.) Kale Guldseth, Butte Central (2010-13): 148-1918-18
3.) Ty Morgan, Columbia Falls (2012-14): 130-2304-26
4.) Doug Reid, Billings Central (1993-95): 129-1929-21
5.) Tyler Burk, Miles City (2014-Current): 124-2069-22
6.) Logan Harwood, Whitefish (2010-12): 121-2225-23
7.) Alec Haughian, Miles City (2011-14): 120-1954-23
8.) Phil Antonioli, Butte Central (2007-10): 119-1792-15
8t.) Kevin Staley, Dillon (2001-03): 118-1632-12
8t.) Bridger Bauder, Hamilton (2014-Current): 118-2061-22
10.) Kris Cleveland, Hamilton (2011-13): 115-1840-15

Ranked by touchdown catches:

1.) Ty Morgan, Columbia Falls (2012-14): 130-2304-26
2.) Kaleb Johnson, Columbia Falls (2008-10): 72-1424-25
3t.) Clay Schreder, Sidney (1989-91): 101-1897-24
3t.) Steven Pfahler, Frenchtown (2003-05): 82-1459-24
5t.) Logan Harwood, Whitefish (2010-12): 121-2225-23
5t.) Alec Haughian, Miles City (2011-14): 120-1954-23
7t.) Marc Mariani, Havre (2002-04): 69-1638-22
7t.) Tyler Burk, Miles City (2014-Current): 124-2069-22
7t.) Bridger Bauder, Hamilton (2014-Current): 118-2061-22
10t.) Doug Reid, Billings Central (1993-95): 129-1929-21
10t.) Nate Simkins, Dillon (2013-15): 112-1596-21

Notes: Should the Cowboys qualify for the playoffs, Tyler Burk will have a very good chance at putting himself atop numerous all-time lists. Here is what he will need to establish new Class A records:


Receptions (55): Needs 17 to tie Havre's Daine Solomon, who had 72 catches in 2003.
Yards (921): Needs 13 yards to tie Alec Haughian for CCDHS record, 79 yards to become 10th Class A player with 1,000 yards in a single season, and 316 to tie Havre's Marc Mariani, who had 1,237 yards in 2004.
Touchdowns (22): Needs 4 to tie Havre's Marc Mariani and Coda Tchida (16 each in 2004) and Columbia Falls' Ty Morgan (2013).


Receptions (124): Needs 30 to tie Havre's Parker Filius, who had 154 catches from 2013-15.
Yards (2069): Needs 235 to tie Columbia Falls' Ty Morgan, who had 2304 yards from 2012-14.
Touchdowns (22): Needs 4 to tie Columbia Falls' Ty Morgan, who had 26 touchdowns from 2012-14.

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Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Polson is up, 27-0 just before the half. All the Cowboys have to do in order to make the playoffs is win! Go Cowboys!
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Polson won! If the Cowboys "hang on" for the win they'll make the playoffs!
Posted by David Schott (+18387) 6 years ago
Looks like the Cowboys had no trouble with the Red Devils. On to the playoffs!
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15405) 6 years ago
Cowboys win! 42-6! Glendive still sucks!
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Cowboys 42, Glendive 6.

Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
The Cowboys will play Central in the first round, with the winner going on to face Polson. Even though the Rams beat Miles City fairly handily last week, I think the Cowboys have at least a puncher's chance against Central. It'll take the Cowboys' best game of the year coupled with Central's customary taking-wins-as-given in order to pull it off, but I don't think the Cowboys should be discouraged.
Posted by MCMT59301 (+182) 6 years ago
I also think not having gale force winds blowing across the field would also help MC against BC. At that game if you were going towards Poly Drive you could have thrown the ball directly at the right sidelines and caught the ball on the left sideline. The wind was just crazy, so it would be nice to see a decently calm day so MC's passing attack can be at its best. It really didn't calm down until the game wasn't in doubt. So if it can be a calm wind day BC will have to face something they really didn't see the first time and that is the passing attack of MC.

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Posted by David Schott (+18387) 6 years ago
Reply to MCMT59301 (#368941)
The wind might not blow so hard in Billings if we could get Glendive to stop sucking so hard.
Posted by henderson (+104) 6 years ago
Anybody know what time the game is?
Posted by MCMT59301 (+182) 6 years ago
Game is on Friday at 7:00 at Rocky Mtn College, where BC is now playing all their home games.

Here is a link to the Class A Championship bracket:
Posted by henderson (+104) 6 years ago
Posted by Parlay (+6) 6 years ago
I would like to congratulate the Custer County Cowboys on making the playoffs. This is a great honor to be representing Custer County against the rest of the teams in class A. I'm sure that all members of the community are very proud of players.

I have been reading the posts by Mr. Reed for many years. I know that you have put in many hours of work on these stats. I also know that as a past player you have taken pride in your work.

I would like to take this time to put a different perspective on the stats posted. Please do not take this wrong or offense to your work. I respect and enjoy reading about the individual players accomplishments.

I will get to the point. I believe football is a team sport that has 11 players on the field playing. They wear uniforms representing the community and not themselves. How can we tell who they are on the field? I would have to look at the number on the uniform and find it in the program for a name. The fact is that I really only care that they are a member of the Cowboys.

That's why I'm asking that you only post team stats during the season. Then at the end of the season, post what the stats were for players at the positions they play. This community has many proud parents of players and understand that no one player can do it on their own. We should celebrate the team during the season and wait for listing individual stats until the end. This is why a STATE CHAMPION is crowned before All-State players. The old saying of "Their is no I in team" is still true today. This needs to be remembered by all fans and players. Football is a team sport and be treated as such. Good luck to ALL the players on the field, may you play as a team to accomplish the goals set. Thanks again for the work the players have done during the regular season to reach the playoffs.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Hi Parlay,

I appreciate what you said and the way you presented it. You were respectful and I understand the sentiment behind your words. Thank you for that.

The reason I post individual stats - and have spend the better part of two decades compiling individual stats - is because, frankly, they're not going to be posted anywhere else. I don't feel the way to elevate a team is to push down those players who "get their names in the paper," so to speak.

For example, when I was in high school, I had the privilege to play on the best Cowboy Football team the school produced: the undefeated 1994 Class A State Champions. As an offensive lineman, my name was only mentioned a couple of times. And while I would have liked to have seen my name in a box score for having scored, I was happier to be a part of a historic season with a great group of players.

When Bryan Larson and Ryan Wagner connected for a school-record 99-yard touchdown pass play, theirs were the name listed in the paper. But Mark Brubaker and I - as the left guard and tackle, respectfully, who cleared the passing lane for Bryan to get the ball to Ryan - took particular pride in that play. We also took pride in shutting out a team (41-0) that had inexplicably been ranked one spot ahead of us in the AP poll prior to the game. Our names didn't need to be in the paper to feel great for that.

I don't post individual names for the kids who play to see their names in the paper. Those kids have the wrong priorities (and I won't hesitate to say so if a player is selfish). I post individual names because I feel that recognizing any player on a given team pays tribute to the team as a whole. There are far too many programs who don't recognize ANY players and their accomplishments are lost to history. The attention an individual helps bring a team is lost with it. Look at the current trend of newspapers omitting box scores completely. That's not acceptable to me and I'll do everything I can to compensate for it. Same goes with what passes for the woefully-incomplete MHSA record book.

So again, I appreciate what you've said and I understand where you're coming from. Please understand that I don't praise certain players as a way of disregarding others. Football is a team sport, yes. And without the effort of the team, NO ONE gets their name in the paper or on Every superlative performance reflects positively on everyone involved in making that performance possible, whether a name is listed or not.

In closing, here's something to consider: the players whose names I have mentioned most often here over the years: Brennan Haughian, Shane Cooley, Robert Nalewaja, Ben Herzog, Alec Haughian, Matthew Blunt, Tyler Burk - what do they all have in common besides being terrific high school football players? They're great people who I would be - and have been - proud to point to any of my three sons and say, "play and conduct yourself like THAT guy and you'll do great."
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6122) 6 years ago
Another thought: In 2001, I watched one of the best individual performances I have ever seen on a football field. Miles City was getting crushed by Central (and these were in the pre-Jim Stanton days, when losses to the Rams were rare). THe score was 26-7 at the half and it seemed as though Miles City would get whipped. But Derek Schell had one of the great second halves I've ever seen or heard of and carried the Cowboys - along with several Rams defenders - on his back on the way to a 49-42 Cowboys victory. He rushed for 245 yards and five touchdowns in that game, the bulk of which came after halftime.

Derek had more than his share of troubles in his life and he made some pretty bad choices. He ended up taking his own life before he ever had the chance to correct his path and grow into what he might have become. In the days following his death, the focus seemed to be solely on the negative aspects of his life, and that bothered me. Whatever choices he made and whatever actions he took were those of an 18-year-old. He was legally an adult, but let's be honest: he was still a child, one who never had the opportunities that others - like myself - had to try to lead a better life.

It is possible that the story I wrote about his great game was a highlight of his short life. Regardless of whatever troubles he had going on in his world, on that day and in that game, he was as good as anyone who ever put on a Cowboys jersey. I wouldn't deny him - or anyone - that as a means of playing whack-a-mole.
Posted by Shu (+1798) 6 years ago
I'm late posting a reply on this...meant to sooner, but you know how it is.

Now that the Cowboys' season is over, a pat on the back to them for their efforts which got them a playoff spot. Let's hope this year's experience pays dividends towards next year's success. Well done fellas!

Second, a thank you, as always, to Brian Reed for sharing his stats and facts. The story you shared about Derek Schell was a good one, too.

A thought crossed my mind that had me a little surprised...and at the same time, not so much. When I was looking at the ranked receivers I expected to see the name of Isaac Warp from Havre, but didn't. When his big brother Dane was the QB there up until last year, his brother Isaac was his favorite target, so I thought Isaac would be in the top 10 in some category or 2. Dane, of course has graduated and now plays basketball at Carroll...perhaps this year's Havre QB in Trey Murphy just didn't get the ball to Isaac as much as Dane did? You also mentioned that Murphy broke his arm against Lewistown, so that obviously didn't help matters...anyway, I was just thinking...

Then you mention Gabe Gundlach at QB...I can't help but be a little sentimental at the mention of his name.

Gabe certainly does have a good pedigree: I remember clearly when his father, Mitch, was the Cowboys QB. His senior year, Mitch played on the Miles City team that won the '85 state championship over Glendive (yes, believe it or not the Red Devils were more competitive in football once upon a time). Not to take anything away from Mitch - he was a great QB - but I remember that he played on a team that was pretty loaded with talent, too...Tillman Christiansen, Lee Baugatz and Brad Bergman on the lines, Greg Erlenbusch and Kenny Wilson were good running backs, Tim Diede was a tough tight end/rush end, and on-and-on. It really does not seem that long ago...

Anyway, I enjoyed reading-up and wish the boys well with all that's next.