Downtown Miles City's six-story hotel.
Posted by David Schott (+17067) 5 years ago
From the Stardust column in the August 8, 2016, edition of the Miles City Star. The location seems like the Ingham Hotel but I don't recall it being six stories tall.

People and Perspectives from Miles City's past

100 YEARS AGO (1916)

Excavation commenced
today on a six-story new
hotel which will be built by
the Commercial State Bank
in the rear of the bank block.
The new building will have a
frontage of 35 feet on Sixth
Street and will extend along
the alley south of Main to the
alley running south from
Main at the west side of the
Commercial block. Includ-
ing the rooms at present over
the bank, the hotel will con-
tain about 85 rooms, each
with a bath. An electric ele-
vator will carry guests to and
from the upper floors. The
cost of the building will
approximate $60,000.
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1917) 5 years ago
It wasn't. It was a three-story hotel. Obviously some reality intruded between plan and execution.