Free Sailing For Kids 4th-8th Grade
Posted by Chad (+1761) 16 years ago
Good day mateys!

If you haven't heard I'm going to be running a free sailing program for local kids 4th-8th grade this summer. (It's free to the kids, but costing me plenty!). Classes will take place on Spotted Eagle Lake, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons/eves from 5-7, give or take 1/2 an hour. The first session will be in June the second in July. After that I'll probably need a vacation!

Anyone with a wee bit of sailing experience is encouraged to contact me about assisting with the course, be it for the whole month or a single session. You're experience and expertise will be greatly appreciated. Don't be intimidated by teaching- I've got lesson plans scheduled and the kids will have books to read, videos to watch, and ropes to practice knots. However, anyone that has sailed knows the best experience is time on the water. Please look me up and call if you would like to pitch in for an afternoon session.

Thanks for your interest,

Cpt. Bligh

a.k.a.- Chad Sutter