Red Rock Supper Club
Posted by Kacey (+3154) 5 years ago
I found this in some old family things. For those who remember the Red Rock it will bring back some memories.

The Supper Club Review of 1962 by Babe Aggers.
The Red Rock Club, just east of Miles City
Is known far & wide, for it's interior so pretty.
Cliff White is the owner, of this glamours joint
He is always ace-high, and that is our point.
Mr. Pearce is our manager, who is in and about
Is a jolly good fellow, of that there's no doubt.

Jim at the bar, fixes all his drinks quaint
And makes a guy feel like something he ain't.
we have Muri & Luckey, and then Spike and Ray
Who sure help to keep the crowd feeling gay.
Colleen our barmaid greats them with a smiles
she keeps them a talking, spending money all the while.
Gary on the grill, for seafoods and steak
He fries them just right, and that's no mistake.
Gary doubles on salads, he fluffs them just so
To satisfy those customers, with that cheerful glow.

Pete and his dishwasher get along fine
But up & down the elevator he rides all the time.
Out front to serve food to our customers sublime
We have Isabelle, Lilly, and Diane with a line.
These three little gals never tire or crack
When the going gets rough they just turn out for track.
Lola runs the buffet and does her very best
To make it the prettiest in the whole wide west.

Hobe carves the meats, and asked them their pleasure
Ad to their delight, always gives them good measure.
Bertie jumps around from parties to buffet
Whatever befalls her, she is always gay.

Delores, who substituted here and there
Now just works as relief cashier.
Babe is our hostess and checks out the til
But sometimes she wonders if the durn thing stands still.
Then there are nights when the money rolls in
The cash register won't tally and her head's in a swim.

Eve fills in whenever we need her
For parties or bar, or whatever will greet her.
Lorne works check stand, whenever there's a crowd
And people do like her , for she is never loud.

Dewey runs a little game, they call it twenty-on
We don't play for money, he just plays for fun.
Clare runs the chuck-a-luck, with dice she is a dream
She keeps the chip a rollin in, until the guy all scream.

There's Bob and Al and Hap in the band
When they finish playing we give them a hand.
Good old Irene, who is our janitress
Vacuums and polishes to clean up the mess.

Chet is our night man, he watched the joint
And keeps the place safe by casing all points.
He's friendly and kind and so full of cheer
He makes sure that our time cards don't disappear.

Now this is the story of the Supper Club crew.
I hope you enjoy them, as we surely do.
Some of the people who are with us tonight
Have helped us now and then, much to our delight.

But I am getting tired and running our of time
And can't think anymore how to make the lines rhyme
Thank you for coming and joining the fun
We all hope your Christmas will be a jolly one.