Home show building coast for a space
Posted by Leann (+188) 6 years ago
Those of you who obtain a space in the home show building to set up your personal business, example MaryKay..how much is it to rent a space, and who does one need to call to get any paper work to complete to request a spot? Any help would be grateful.
Posted by David Schott (+18391) 6 years ago
I believe you would want to contact the Miles City Chamber of Commerce for details. It appears that Linda Wolff is in charge of the home show booth rentals -- contact Linda at 406-853-2516.

This contract that is available on the Chamber website indicates the prices for a space in the home show building are:

14' x 8' -- $175
14' x 12' -- $200

But you would want to confirm that with the Chamber.

Here's a link to the Chamber website info on the Eastern Montana Fair:

Miles City Chamber of Commerce: Eastern Montana Fair
Posted by Leann (+188) 6 years ago
Thank You. This will help.