Dirty job.
Posted by David Schott (+17681) 6 years ago
Webmaster Larry had a job once that, from his description, must've felt something like this.

These guys are replacing the cutting tools ("teeth") on the tunnel boring machine "Bertha" that is drilling the tunnel that will replace the double-decker Alaskan Way Viaduct that passes by Seattle's waterfront.

They have to periodically stop drilling and perform maintenance on the boring machine including replacing the cutters. They are about 120 feet underground in a space between the face of the tunneling machine and the earth the machine is cutting into. The earth has been stabilized with bentonite (shout out to anyone who ever went with John Potts' science class to tour the bentonite mine in Colony, Wyoming).

These workers have to spend time in a hyperbaric chamber just like deep sea divers to avoid getting the bends.

Where is Mike Rowe?