That time of the year
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10371) 7 years ago
The salmon run is slow to kick of this year. There are quite a few kings coming up river, but the red salmon are slow to make their run. The Brown bears are here though, impatiently & hungrily waiting for the Reds. No fish means they are wandering around hoping to score a meal from around people’s houses. We’ve not had problems yet, and I’m pretty good with that.

We went for a stroll through the woods near our house yesterday. After winding our way for about mile down a trail that goes through thick brush, we came into an open area and found fresh bear sign. A sow & cub had very recently entered the trail, I was darned happy we didn’t meet them face to face along the way. From the size of the track, I’d guess the sow is young, this is probably her first cub. The cub is small, he must have been born late in the season.

He was full of it though.

Unlike with the fox I post a photo of last week, I’m okay with not getting action photos of Mama & baby bear ; -)