How split skirts saved Evelyn Cameron from jail
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How split skirts saved Evelyn Cameron from jail

TERRY — Evelyn Cameron once came close to being arrested for riding her horse to Miles City while wearing pants.

Back when the 19th century became the 20th, Montana women were supposed to wear skirts in public, but because Cameron was looking at an 11-hour ride on horseback to Miles City, she thought she’d push the rules a bit so she wouldn’t have to ride sidesaddle in a long skirt. The story goes that the sheriff told her to go home and change or go to jail. She changed.

But it wasn't long before Cameron began sporting the first canvas split skirt in the area, which she paid the outrageous sum of $100 for.

Cameron is known for chronicling Eastern Montana at the turn of the century with her sharp black and white photographs. But she also showed a sly humor and an adventurous spirit. Cameron rejected a life of luxury with her proper British family, exchanging it for a rugged life on the prairie of Eastern Montana with her ornithologist husband Ewen Cameron.

The striking thing about Cameron, who died in 1928 and is buried in the Terry cemetery, is that she worked more as a photojournalist than a studio photographer. She trudged out to the roping arena or a sheep wagon to photograph fellow pioneers in their element.

She found real moments to share with the world like the photo she took in 1902 of two shepherd brothers, Reno and Leopold. It shows a scowling Leopold because he had to be fetched from a Terry saloon for the photo shoot at the sheep camp, which was arranged by Reno.

The Prairie County Museum and Evelyn Cameron Gallery in downtown Terry has dozens of framed photographs that help tell the story of Montana.


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There is a grave plot outside Terry.It seems the sheriff accidently shot and killed a couple of prisoners accidently while I heard were not even in the same cell.Dunno if they violated the dress code or not but nevertheless it was an accident.