2016 Action Pistol Shooting Season Starts Thursday
Posted by Jesse Smith (+423) 7 years ago
The Custer Rod and Gun Club's 2016 Action Pistol season begins in Miles City, this Thursday May 5th, 2016.

If you've ever watched IDPA, USPSA, or Hogan's Alley style shooting and thought "I'd like to try that!" then this is the shoot for you. It is open to all skill levels from novice to expert, and is a very relaxed, informal atmosphere. Beginners will not be embarrassed, and experts will be challenged. Cost is $2 for CR&GC members or $4 for non-members.

Requirements you will need:
Eye and Ear protection
Double Action Revolver or Semi-Auto between 9mm/.38 cal and .45 cal. (please don't bring any canons just to see if you can damage the targets, also you won't have any fun with a single action revolver)
3 magazines or speed loaders
Holster and Magazine Pouch
Approx 100 rounds (min. round count is about 70 rounds but you'll want extra for misses)

You can read more about our shoot on our website here... http://custerrodandgun.co...on-pistol/

From that link you can also view our 2016 Action Pistol schedule (every Thursday at 6:00 PM May, Jun, July, and Aug.) and view the course layouts as they are posted each week.
Posted by Jesse Smith (+423) 7 years ago
Just a quick reminder this shoot starts tomorrow, Thursday May 5th.