"Steel Sentinels"
Posted by David Schott (+18747) 7 years ago
There is a story on the front page of tonight's Miles City Star about 21 steel horse statues by artist Jim Dolan which he has installed around the "MILES CITY" sign that is near the west I-94 Miles City exit.

It's pretty cool. Check it out:

Miles City Star: Steel Sentinels
Posted by Dark Beer (+251) 7 years ago
This is SO cool! If used right, it could draw tourists off the interstate to downtown MC. In Gillette the had an avenue of art, with large pieces like this. If it were advertised properly, I think you could get people off the interstate to the museum, art center, and the MT and Trails End bars. I don't think most in MC appreciate the classicness of the bars. They are like no other place around and are an under utilized asset in tourism efforts.
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1914) 7 years ago
They are only there until the first week of June. Just to visit during the Bucking Horse Sale. Unless you want to buy them for us. WARNING: You have to look at them from the interstate so do so very carefully.