Red Elvises, Live this Friday Night
Posted by Confluence (+185) 5 years ago

Celebrate Tax Day with your favorite Siberian Surf Rock band. The Red Elvises will be returning to Miles City on April 15th at the Range Riders Museum, with special guest GrapeFoot.

Showtime will be at 8pm. Tickets will be $20 at the gate, or can be purchased in advance for $15 at Buy Montana, The Cellar Casino, 9th St. Nutrition, and

See you at the show.
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3677) 5 years ago
Wish I could join you. My commute is a little rough, these days.

If you have not seen this great "Show Band", don't miss out. I still find myself singing "Surfing in Siberia" occasionally.

To all of my friends that are involved in bringing these talented people to Miles City, thank you for your continued efforts and hello from Denver.