Joseph Medicine Crow passed away over the weekend
Posted by Hal Neumann (+9347) 3 years ago
“In World War II, I managed to have captured fifty head of horses. These were not ordinary horses. They belonged to SS officers, you know? During the last days of the war over there, there was a lot of confusion, so a bunch of these SS officers got on their horses and took off. . . . They were heading back to Germany. And here’s that old sneaky old Crow Indian now following them, watching them. So they camped for the night. I sneak in there and took all their fifty head of horses, left them on foot. So I got on one, looked around there and I even sang a Crow victory song all by myself. Crows do that when they think they’re all by themselves, they do things like that. So I sang a victory song.”
—Joe Medicine Crow

“Medicine Crow, one of the last links to Battle of Little Bighorn, dies at 102”
April 4, 2016