Cain Family
Posted by AnnieFannie (+2) 4 years ago
I am the 5th Generation of the Cain Family.I was born Lori Ann Montague in 1965 . My mother is Gail Yvonne Radmer (married name Herman).My Grandmother was Dorothy May Cain (married Radmer). My Great Great Grandfather was Joe Cain. My Great Great Great Grandmother was Bessie Cain. In 1976 or so there was a family reunion in Miles City.Our family photo was in the paper.I would like to get a copy of this if possible and I would love to have any contacts from family members or persons in interest of the Cain Family.
Posted by Barbara J Ashley (+38) 4 years ago
I have family information please contact me. I am a cousin, my mother was the youngest of the 15 children of Bessie and Horace Cain family.
Posted by William Cain (+56) 4 years ago
My dad ---Mike B Cain-- was a brother and I have a lot of history on the cain family--the picture that Barb show should have been the one you were looking for--if not --let know will do some digging ----glad to hear from you ---willy cain