Clubs/Groups in Miles City?
Posted by Ssslea (+152) 6 years ago
What are some of the local groups around Miles City that one could get involved in?
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1912) 6 years ago
I'm secretary of the Woman's Club, which is involved in the library, the Children's Christmas Store, has programs at each monthly meeting (this Saturday's is Dorothy Wellums trip to the Holy Land), and has lots of other projects.

I'm president of the Range Riders Reps. We only meet in the warm months and are in charge of the kitchen at the Range Riders Museum and hold events during the year like the Cowboy Breakfast and Pioneer Day to help support the museum.

I'm a former Girl Scout leader who helps out with the Girl Scouts. I can put you in touch with their top people. And connect you with cookies.

There are Caledonians and Christian Women's Club and AAUW and, of course, the Barn Players. We need both on stage and back stage people. Come to Shrek at the high school this weekend and see what that's all about.

There are all sorts of arts programs through the WaterWorks Art Center and then there are the sporting groups like the Rod and Gun Club. The Miles City Academy a.k.a. the Convent Keepers are always looking for volunteers. Which reminds me. I need to get over there and work on the history room.

I'm sure LOTS of other folks have LOTS of other ideas.
Posted by Sunny (+373) 6 years ago
What are your interests? There is bound to be an organization or an informal group with similar interests. Start with your church. A good place to find someone who knows someone who shares your focus.