How to change someone's mind according to science.
Posted by Dark Beer (+249) 6 years ago
This is an interesting article. Perhaps some of the findings could be used in the "reputation" algorithm.


Here are a couple of quotes:

Their research suggests that the arguments that end up changing people’s minds have certain dynamics. Numbers are important: The more people that try to persuade the original poster, the greater the likelihood of changing their view. So is timing: Those who write back first to the post first are more likely to persuade the original poster than those who write later, as the lefthand chart below shows.

After five rounds of back-and-forth comments between the original poster and the challenger, the challenger has virtually no chance of receiving a delta, they write. (emphasis added) “Perhaps while some engagement signals the interest of the [original poster], too much engagement can indicate futile insistence.” One reddit user summed it up like this: “Lesson being that if you haven’t convinced someone after four replies each, your argument isn’t gonna be the one to move them.”
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12134) 6 years ago
There are also people whose minds are nailed shut and no amount of reality will change their belief system. Climate change deniers, anti-vaccine proponents, anti-evolution folks. They don't care what reality is. They are so devoted to their belief system and their ego is so involved that they cannot let reality intrude.