Information on Raymond Clyde Harvey
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Raymond Clyde Harvey moved to Miles City with his wife Alma W. Harvey (Werner)in 1914 after their wedding in Guttenberg, Iowa. He was a pharmacist so probably worked in a drug store. He played baseball for Lehigh in 1920 and for Stockett Miners in 1926. Any information would be helpful-Thanks.
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I might be wrong, but my tracing indicates there was a Raymond Clyde Harvey (1890-1957), who married an Alma W Harvey (1889-1976) who had two children (Raymond S Harvey and Arline Harvey Carder) who moved west to Stanford Montana and then to Oregon and later Lakewood, Washington, where all four are buried. The only obituary I could find is that of the daughter Arline at Find a Grave

If you will go to the upper left and click onto the "Begin new search", (on find a grave) you can type in the other names and get some other information. Be sure to get the United States section.

Stockett is over by Great Falls, as is Lehigh. Type Lehigh into the Search engine (Q)above, to the right of "weather". I would list a simple link instead, but I can't get the link to work.

Stanford is midway between Great Falls and Lewistown, around 40 Miles from Stockett and Lehigh.

So there is some question as to if they ever lived in Miles City, since Arline's obituary indicates they moved "west to Stanford, Montana", then to Oregon and Washington. I can't imagine Raymond living in Miles City and playing baseball for two teams over by Great Falls. Arline's obituary says she moved west, that would have been after she was born in 1917, and your info has it that her parents moved west to Miles City in 1914. There is a different Raymond Harvey buried in Great Falls.

I suppose it is possible they may have come to Miles City to play a game, I do not know how the league operated.

In 1924 the Brooklyn Dodgers played a game with the local town guys from Cascade County (Great Falls area).

I suppose Raymond, with his interest in baseball, might have attended the game.

Arline married a Jack Ryan and they had two sons Dick and Terry. I assume you are one of the Ryans from your ID

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