Looking for any info on Miles J. FitzPatrick
Posted by wmbabcock (+3) 4 years ago
I am interested in any info on Miles J. FitzPatrick post 1880. He came from Norton Ks. where he was a county clerk. The Norton Ks. history site says he left there in October of 1880 and was then in Miles City and served two terms as county treasurer. Possibly
served as a judge? That info unsubstantiated, but comes from his grandson Miles S. FitzPatrick. Later in life, Miles J. was in Anaconda Mt., where he died and is buried, in 1906. Also, any possible association with a man named Boles. Possibly Boles was a
gunsmith or retailer of same, but maybe just an acquaintance?
Thanks in advance for any info. that anyone can provide.