Montana Legislative District #37
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1380) 6 years ago
Looks like the 37 th Montana Legislative House District (north, east, and south of Miles City) is around 250 miles long by 100? miles wide, which would be around 20,000 square miles. Rhode Island is around 2,000 square miles so the 37 th district would be 10 times the area of Rhode Island. I believe the current legislative representative is term limited out. I see a Bill Harris from Winnett has filed for the 37 th district (he used to represent the 29 th district), so I assume some redistricting has been going on.

If Bill Harris wins, that would be about a 200 mile change in a representative's address (current representative is from Broadus), and probably the greatest change in a representative's address in Montana history for a district, and maybe the U.S, except for Alaska.

Filing list:

They should give each district a name, for example, District # 37: Sagebrush District.

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