Outrage in Forsyth
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1440) 7 years ago
Sounds like a couple found a fawn by the road, mom killed by a car, took it in, raised it, Fish and Game found out, seized the deer and destroyed it on the premise that it might spread disease and couldn't make it on its own. http://www.ktvq.com/story...h-pet-deer

If they would have contacted the Fish and Game when they found the fawn by the road, what would the Fish and Game do, raise it in confinement or kill it?

It doesn't look to me as if this "pet" deer is any different than any other deer that wanders into a corral and eats feed meant for cattle, sheep. If we see a deer in our corral eating hay, should we kill it because it might spread disease?

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Posted by Bill Bloom (-310) 7 years ago
I would be outraged too, the deer was free to roam and not locked up. And it had survived to be six years old, with the amount of tags they sell, other predators, and obstacles out there. Here the deer come close to the farms and houses in the winter to forage, but mostly, to get away from the constant pursuit of predators, and when they are having their fawns in the spring. I enjoying seeing the deer and pheasants, as well as other wildlife everyday , it`s one of the great parts of living in the country and Montana. It is to bad common sense is never on the table.Those folks will have some fond memories of that deer and one thing else, they will never forget. Last, that deer would have probably lived up to another 6 years if let be, it`s life should be valued too .
Posted by jimdeastfork (+134) 7 years ago
Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the FWP spokesman, whose agency is tasked with protecting and managing Montana wildlife and game animals, is posing in front of a wall covered with dead animals?

Also, let's keep in mind that the FWP is a state agency. As such, it should be under some sort of legislative control. Those of you who have opinions regarding policies of the FWP may want to contact their elected representatives and make some pointed inquiries and suggestions.

Those of us who live in small communities throughout the state are well aware of how invasive whitetail deer can become. Why isn't the FWP actively removing these animals before they entice more predators into our small communities?

Finally even 6 year old deer can run. Running and camouflage are major natural defense mechanisms for all deer. I fail to see how these methods are compromised by a deer becoming unafraid of humans and even friendly with a specific family. Guess this was a deer that survived all threats for years but could not survive an encounter with those whose job it is to defend them.
Posted by heimer (+96) 7 years ago
A related story: Last year a local man rescued two Greater Canada goslings whose mother had been eaten by a coyote. The guy kept the two little birds in a small cage in his yard for a short time before letting them have the run of the yard and then occasionally the house. Very soon the goslings were imprinted to him. His landlord, concerned, reported this illegal activity to FWP. The game warden in Miles City, Jonathan, instructed the landlord to dispose of the wild birds himself, because the FWP didn't have manpower or time to deal with it. The goslings died.
FWP has some confusing behaviors.