Remember Teh Liberty
Posted by Bridgier (+9547) 7 years ago
Moving the discussion from the other thread...

You are a hypocrite brigier. Since when does the left admit to the sinking of the Liberty?

The progressives are the ones that assaulted the ship, and have have been denying it and calling it a conspiracy theory ever since. When David duke and strom Thurmond were saying it, liberals called them unpatriotic, traitors and Nazi's.
And don't worry about my knowledge of history, at least not on the subject of the USS Liberty. It is people like you that wanted it at the bottom of the sea to aid your political agenda. And now you use that assault by globalist progressives in your favor, you are no good at all, no shame.

I had no idea that this was such a rallying cry within the Dunning-Kruger community.

So... who attacked the Liberty? Progressives? From where? Israel or the US?