Downtown Survey - Please Participate and Share!
Posted by Historic Preservation Office (+23) 6 years ago
The MSU-B Marketing Research classes is working with our TIF District Board of Commissioners to perform a market analysis that will identify the market potential for Downtown Miles City. Last week, MSU-B Professor AJ Otjen traveled to Miles City and presented an outstanding Market Analysis prepared by her class. We will use this market analysis to develop a unique brand and marketing campaign that will help attract customers and new businesses to downtown Miles City.

In the next few weeks, we will also ask your help in coming up with a slogan that best describes what our unique downtown has to offer.

As part of their project, the class has asked our assistance in completing this baseline survey so they might discover where customers currently go for goods and services.

Please assist us with this important research by completing this brief survey below, and sharing it with as many of your friends as possible! Thank you!