Small town bias?
Posted by Frank42 (+24) 7 years ago
My daughter didn't make the freshmen girls basketball team. I know, I know, not the end of the world but for her it's a big deal. For me it's confusing. She has played basketball since she was tike. Last year she was team captain, most improved player, and played 90% of the minutes, never missed a game or practice would have extra practices on her own time with other members of the team. So when she came home and told us that she didn't make the cut we were surprised. Is it because we're new in town? Do we not know the right people? Is Miles City stocked with amazing basketball players? We came from a big city with tons of competition for spots on the team. I find it hard to believe that she's not good enough given her athletic history.
I know some might say I'm being overprotective but if you knew her and had seen her play you'd know why I'm confused. She's been asked to play for teams by several coaches in every city we ever lived in. Shelf full of all-star trophies not just the "everybody's a winner" kind.
So what's the deal here? Who do we have to know in order for my girl to continue chasing her dream of playing in college?
Posted by CarlosSantos (+877) 7 years ago
That's disappointing and sadly a part of small town living in many places, I'm afraid. It doesn't sound like you're being "THAT PARENT" it sounds like you may be expressing a genuine concern. If your daughter is a serious athlete, something as small as not making a team can have a HUGE impact on her future.

Regardless of the situation, I feel there will always be a bias toward the local kids who have been with the program their entire lives. Talent aside, a coach is going to be biased toward the kids they've watched grow with the sport. Even if it isn't intentional, as humans there will always be favoritism.

We struggled with something similar to this when we moved here. It wasn't that my children didn't make teams, it was more the lack of extra-curricular activities like youth symphony, early second language programs, scholar achievement programs, etc... that we had become used to in a larger community and were hopeful for in order to enhance our children's lives.

Sadly, more metropolitan areas offer more opportunities. Yes, there is more competition, but there are also far more opportunities. Sometimes, you just have to look for the good that these small towns do offer. Miles City has some incredible benefits... you just have to be willing to find them

I'd suggest continuing to practice this season and trying out again next year. Perhaps offer to help at practices so she can show a dedication to the team and sport. Perhaps go in and speak with the coaches and inquire about what she can do to ensure she gets the opportunity she's looking for.

Best of luck and welcome to Custer County.
Posted by Grizmania (+16) 7 years ago
My advice to you is call the coach. We were new to town when my children started junior high and they never had any problems with "small town bias" issues. So much goes into making cuts, and it's never easy! Instead of asking on a social media venue, go straight to the source! I know it's difficult to watch our children suffer so my heart goes out to you.
Posted by wberry22 (+7) 7 years ago
Your first step should not be to post on a public forum that the coach has a non-talent bias towards your child. Your first step should be to have your daughter, who is now in high school, to go and talk to one of the coaches on the staff. It is the best communication channel your daughter can open up if she is passionate about the sport. If you aren't satisfied, then you can sit down with the coaches and your daughter. Maybe it is a very talented group of freshman or maybe your daughter didn't have her best tryout. Maybe there are other options. No one on this forum would know and it isn't fair to open a coach to this kind of public criticism without talking to them and possible the Athletic Director first.