Two (2) kinds of information used in Navy ATC
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) 7 years ago
1. Nice to know
2. NEED to know.
***This is NEED to know info***. Of the four times (4x) I went to John Hollowell's home in the past 30 days to visit with him about all of this INSANE Boootchie Grenzie Pooh BS.........each time, UNSOLICITED, John shook my hand and each time he quoted Scripture or something from it.....EACH TIME.
This means everyone in Miles City can NOW and FOREVER rely upon....a *real* man, not a baboon waddling around like a duck spitting venom like a rabid cobra. And, Mayor Hollowell will prove to have become the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB.
CALL him. TRUST him. LET you live easier and better in Miles City.

Rob Shipley
Posted by CarlosSantos (+873) 7 years ago

You should absolutely, in no-way, be showing up to anyone's home. It is beyond rude. A person's home should be their respite from the stresses of everyday work. You don't have the right to take away the comfort of home by bringing your drama to their doorstep.

You have to see that this is not okay.

Leave John alone and let him do the job he was elected to do.

If you have such great faith in our new Mayor Elect, then give him the respect of allowing him to carry out the position in a way he sees fit.

I'm hoping that you find your way to Sheridan and get the much needed help that you owe yourself. I think it's time for you to separate yourself from this "evil" town that has done you so wrong.

Good luck.
Posted by nativemc (+915) 7 years ago
Speaking of things to know. Please inform the public why you believe you will get a pass on things that are already in the works and even though you have invaded the mayor elects private home, what makes you think he really wants your advice? Do you not realize that he may have just been being polite to one of his many constituants? If you know your law as well as you claim to, the mayor really has no control of the courts.