Error, please forgive me
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 8 years ago
Philander C. Knox (C is for Chase of Chase Mellon and now Chase Manhattan Bank linkage). GOOGLE and READ and LEARN and ENJOY: Wikipedia, "The Law that Never Was" friend, Billings, Montana's very own RED BECKMAN......the only single American all by himself who took the illegality of the income tax argument all the way to SCOTUS!!!!!!!!!! I met Red on a Continental Airlines 727 returning from California in 1991................what a guy, what a guy, what a guy. ONLY American to EVER challenge all the income SCOTUS.
He has emailed me perhaps 25 times since and always wants to meet here when passing through Miles City.
Posted by schmitzdj (+217) 8 years ago
We've heard enough. The election is over. Time to mute him again
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 8 years ago
Schmitz or whomever,
Anyone desiring to *mute him again* can easily ask the webmaster, Larry, and he I think will reply to any of you baby whiners...........too bad, his right equals your rights.
Soooooooooooooo, those of you who again do not like me nor can even stand me.....KNOW the TRUTH..........more and more people are shaking my hand all over town and saying "atta boys" about my election efforts...REAL Miles City people of WORTH....Terry Haughian, Mike Wacker, John Peila, Al Nelson, Jim Kinkaid, LOYD KETCHUM............generally we part with them saying........"At least you did a good job exposing Grenz and that took probably 300 votes away from him."
Naysayers.....and people too ridiculously mentally retarded to grasp the truth Boootchie.......just put on your big girl panties and deal with it. At least EVERY SINGLE ONE OF stated many many many times before..........if elected, I would have *rolled out the red carpet * to each of you to visit me IN THE MAYOR OFFICE.........instead of have you feel uncomfortable that you could not as has been told me......a 100 times by many Miles City people..about Booootchie.
It is so , so, so, so very SWEET that King Boooootchie......has fallen on his sword.
Posted by CarlosSantos (+871) 8 years ago

Stop. This really has to stop.

You did nothing to "dethrone" Grenz.

Grenz lost to Hollowell, because he was the better choice and he earned the position of mayor on his own.

You lost to them both and especially to yourself.

Stop blaming EVERYONE else for your faults and stop taking credit for things you literally had nothing to do with.

This is insane.

Please stop and get the help you clearly need.
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) 8 years ago
Santos, please, Sir, get your lazy self down to the courthouse and get your citizen's copy of the lawsuit I have filed against Grenzie Pooh, GET IT, you have that right. Then tell me when was the last time any crooked idiot Montana ever was sued for $3.3 million, ok? And always remember NO ONE IN MILES CITY HAS EVER FORGOTN WHAT HE DID TO Chief of Police Lissa Power.
1. In 2003 he was elected for good.
2. April, 2006, owing his tyrant rages he was FORCED to resign.
3. November, 2011, the people of Miles City outside of political forums and meetings and caucuses, elected the FOOL so he could cleanse his dirty self; and since he was too dumb and would nearly 40% of all the usual VOTING population (40% of 1800 people = = 720, about how badly Hollowell dumped him out of office), almost 700 voted him out of office.....FOREVER.
Remember to email me in a month or two when the Star gets around to printing the lawsuit up, ok?