Posted by Rob Shipley (+477) 7 years ago
I thought you and me were better friends than this. Anyway, IF THIS IS WHAT YOU REQUEST, that is ***the truth**** HERE IT IS, 100% truth that has eluded joey whalen, Grenz, Rice, Noble and Al Homme for now nine plus ( 9 +) years.
To wit: In the very first place the "devaluing" neighborhood property is a DUMB myth. Not because Shipley states that it is, BUT because it is!!!!!
Proof: no one has been selling any property around my home, not within a three (3) block radius. When the triplexes that Paul Oakland built were priced at $230,000 each.....all three (3) sold for.....EXACTLY $230,000 apiece. Four (4) years ago when Jim and Terry bought the former John and Sherry Uden home EAST across the street from me, 604 South 4th was listed all over all realty offices and papers for $136,000....LISTED for $136,000...........and what did Jim and Terry pay for it?
One hundred thirty-six thousand dollars. Hello. Are you getting my drift here, Friend? Secondly, when and if any of you GOOD Miles City persons wish to go to MCPD and sign a MCPD complaint form - - - -you MUST have PROBABLE CAUSE.This means the police must be able to: come to my residence WITH a SEARCH WARRANT according to Due Process of Law, and, search for and find: trash, junk, damaged and inoperable appliances, scraps of wood and/or steel; stagnant water pools; toxic chemicals, flammables,noxious weeds, broken glass and "anything that could possibly harm any small unattended child". This is WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE LAW from the Montana Legislature. But, The Grenz Gang cannot read and understand English, so.........they have NEVER accepted TRUTH and FACT that none of this *convicting* criteria has ever been present here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!